Hey so remember that 12 year old that held up with BD? Well now he’s found his way on to their line for the 2014 season. 

Shout out to Brandon! 

I’m going to miss sitting in front of him. lol.


Didn’t he drop out of high school

Lmao no! He’s going to be a junior in the fall I think

I will definitely be in the lot for most of DCI Atlanta so please, come up and say hello! I’m totally down for chatting and pictures. I’d love to meet some of y’all! 

Who all is going to DCI Atlanta?

DCI Atlanta is this weekend I’m so exCITED OH MY GOODNESS

The Cavaliers Hornline 2014 - The Doxology 


Spirit of Atlanta 2014

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Gets me every time. 

Bluecoats 2014 - The Boxer

Album Art


Phantom knows how to hit me in the feels

Played 172 times.

SOA 2014 - Excellence Always <(

"…And Jim didn’t make it."

These five words rang in the ears of the 1980 members of Spirit of Atlanta. 34 years ago, they lost their caption head, their leader, Jim Ott to a tragic car accident. The members were rocked, but they did not let Jim’s memory die. 1980 is one of Spirit’s most successful years, and it still discussed to this day as one of the most incredible performances. The Drum Corps community stood united in mourning the loss of Ott, but none as powerfully and as strongly as this horn line, on this night. 

To Jim Ott, our f<(mily forever. 

Got the most excellent snapchat from one of the SOA cymbal techs.