Atlanta Quest is pleased to announce the debut of Q2! Q2 will be the second indoor percussion group produced by Atlanta Quest and the Georgia. Alliance. for Performing. Arts. Education. (G.A.P.A.E.) Q2 will compete fully in the 2015 competitive season in both GIPA locally and WGI nationally. The 2015 production will be handled by the Quest design team along with the additional expertise of Mark Kapral, who will all so be the Program Director for the ensemble. Mr. Kapral will be leading a staff of the best educators in the region with extensive knowledge of the indoor activity. The rest of the 2015 staff will be announced on this site later this week. Auditions for Q2 will take place right along side the auditions for Atlanta Quest. Same locations and same audition materials. So please visit the audition page for all the info needed to be a part of the 2015 season!

"What a great moment for our Atlanta Quest family! After a huge turn out at auditions the past 2 seasons, we knew we needed another outlet for prospective members and after almost 2 years of planning, that time has come.
I, as many of our family, friends, and fans as well, look forward to what Q2 is going to do as an ensemble and we are happy to be able to further support the indoor activity in our community.”

- Ben Smart
Executive Director Atlanta Quest and Q2.

It’s going to be an exciting year for Atlanta Quest and Q2! See you on October 19th!


Splanta 2011 had a mini reunion to warm a house last night and it was awesome. Splanta 2011 had a mini reunion to warm a house last night and it was awesome. Splanta 2011 had a mini reunion to warm a house last night and it was awesome.

Splanta 2011 had a mini reunion to warm a house last night and it was awesome.

"To stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself, incredible and inconceivable."
— Aaron Copland 
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Currently practicing box drill in my bedroom for auditions. 



Last year I drew a personalized sugar skull on a whim and one of my graphic design friends cleaned it up all pretty. I can’t wait to start putting this on stuff.

Hey guys. 

I don’t post a lot of person stuff often, but here goes. I lost both my cousin David and my friend Jacob to cancer on Saturday.

David was a Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy. He worked in intelligence and was in the Pentagon on September 11th. He leaves behind a wife and two little girls. David never smoked a day in his life, and because of his military service, was in great shape. He developed stage 4 lung cancer about 5 years ago. He lived much longer than ever expected, but the cancer spread to his brain, spine, liver, and kidneys. It couldn’t be stopped. He loved serving, and worked very hard to protect our country. He loved his little girls. He loved his wife. He loved music and musical theater, which is not something commonly heard about servicemen. He loved performance, and while I didn’t get to see him often because of his travels, he would always ask about my marching experiences. He will be buried with full honors in Arlington, Virginia as soon as a spot is available for him. 

Jacob was 18. He was, is, the same age as my little sister. He had one of the sweetest hearts I knew. His brother Garrett was in school with me, and was always kind and selfless. You could tell that their family was a strong one, a kind one, just by the way Jacob and Garrett carried themselves. Garrett was in band with me, and Jacob was in band with my sister until he was unable to march anymore. Before he got sick, whenever I came to see my sister at her shows, Jacob was always one of the first kids to come up and hug me. He barely knew me, but he always made time to talk and share his little stories with me and ask about my life. He made me feel special, just for the brief moments he would talk to me. Thats how Jacob was. He made you feel like the only person in the world he wanted to talk to, the only person in the room. He had a long, and very hard fight. His family is sad, but strong together. It was hard seeing him yesterday at the visitation, but I’m happy I got to say goodbye. 

I didn’t mean to write such a long post. It just kind of spilled out of me. Both of these guys were so briefly parts of my life. They both loved music, and loved the people around them. I’m having a hard time with their deaths, but I’m sure it’s nothing compared to what their families are feeling. David and Jacob wouldn’t want people to mourn too long, or to suffer in their grief. I’m trying to remember that, to remember them happy and healthy, and not in any pain. Take a moment today and give thanks. Pray if you want to. Be contemplative if you don’t. Be kind to one another. Do good. Life is short, and it seems that people who are too good for it are taken too soon. We should all try to be better than this world for David and Jacob. For ourselves. 

Anyway, if you made it this far, thank you. It felt good to write again. I hope you’re all doing well. 


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By the side of an enchanted lake in a forest clearing, ensorcelled swans spend their days as birds and their nights as maidens, led by the Swan Queen Odette. The spell can only be broken if one who has never loved before swears to love Odette forever. 

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One of these things is not like the other.

One of these things is not like the other.

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